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Our training is open to ambitious candidates who come from a range of backgrounds and will typically be





Graduates / Post-Graduates

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Training Approach

CFI Education program for Financial Modeling & Valuation is blend of Classroom Sessions for Indian candidates followed by Project Work and Soft Skill training.

Upon Successful completion of all 3 Milestones, candidates become eligible for Placements, and provided support for CV building and Interviews.



100 hours of intensive classroom training spanning over ~2.5 months, with cases, quiz, & assessments.



Candidates undergoes a month long project work post classroom sessions for building domain expertise.


Soft Skill

Candidates undergoes soft skills development which helps them in cracking interviews.


CV Building, Interviews
& Placement

Have a dedicated team of placement who work towards, CV building and scheduling interviews.

Financial Modeling and Valuation Analysis Curriculum Highlights

The Financial Modeling and Valuation Program curriculum at CFI is meant to demonstrate how bookkeeping, Excel, finance, financial modeling, valuation, presentations, and other basic skills can be used in financial analysis. In addition, the Financial Modeling and Valuation Course in India begin with an overview of business valuation, as well as various valuation methods and how to interpret valuation results.

This top Financial modeling Valuation course in India was developed by a group of senior industry
experts, all of whom have extensive experience in financial modeling and valuation in a variety of industries.CFI’s training content and courses have been used by many people across India who are looking to learn financial modeling. Financial modeling is used in investment banking, stock research, portfolio management, project finance, credit research, financial planning & analysis, and other jobs. One can develop the expertise needed to fill these professions, and also be a successful investor or to support your firm in getting finance. All learners, comprising recent graduates and postgraduates, MBA hopefuls, working professionals, investors, and entrepreneurs, are welcome to enroll.


CFI’s Financial Modeling & Valuation Program is a top-tier global certification that focuses on real-world financial analysis, modeling, valuation, and presentation abilities. It addresses all components of a financial analyst’s job. The curriculum is intended to offer you in-demand industry knowledge, hands-on expertise, and experience, and also the knowledge and experiences needed for becoming a global financial analyst.

MS Excel Training – Basic to Advance Excel

  • Keyboard Accelerators and Shortcuts
  • Create and Customize the Excel List
  • Data entry with Auto Fill Feature
  • Working with Advance Cut, Copy, Paste Command
  • Use of Find and Replace
  • Using Paste Special
  • Sorting and Filtering
  • Advance Formatting
  • Mathematical Functions
  • Text Functions
  • Statistical Functions
  • Date & Time Functions
  • Array Functions
  • Reference and Lookup Functions
  • Financial Function
  • Pivot Table and Pivot Chart Reports
  • Dashboard and Excel Macros Introduction

    MS PowerPoint Skills

    • Most used chart creation including Bar, Stacked, Line, Pie, Waterfall, Football Field etc
    • PPT training for writing, formatting and alignment
    • Best practices and shortcuts for pitch creation, overview slides, chart pasting

    Financial Statements Analysis

    • Introduction to Financial Statements
    • Understanding Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow and Key Line Items
    • Reading, Skipping and Skimming Annual Report
    • Understanding Management Discussion & Analysis (MD&A)
    • Ratio Analysis and Interpretation
    • DuPont Analysis

    Business and Financial Modeling

    • Modeling for 3 Financial Statements
    • Revenue and Cost Modeling
    • Building Supporting Schedule including Depreciation, Working Capital, Debt, Equity, Asset Schedules etc
    • Building Scenarios (Base, Best, Worst Cases)
    • Maintaining, Updating and Model Adjustments for Corporate Actions (CACS)
    • Keeping the Model Dynamic

    DCF Valuation

    • Cost of Equity Modeling
    • Cost of Debt Modeling
    • WACC Calculation Best Practices
    • Cash Flow Modeling (FCFF / FCFE) and Terminal Value Calculation
    • Approaches to DCF Valuation
    • Football Field Analysis and Discussion

    Comparable Company Analysis

    • Introduction to Comparable Companies Analysis
    • Select the Universe of Comparable Companies
    • Locate the Necessary Financial Information
    • Spread Key Statistics, Ratios, and Trading Multiples
    • Determine Valuation using Comparable Companies
    • Adjustment / Normalization of EBIT, EBITDA and Net Income
    • Adjustments of Options, Warrants and Restricted Stock Units for Dilution
    • Concept of Calendarisation and Last Twelve Months
    • Interpreting Results

    Comparable Transaction Analysis

    • Introduction to Precedent Transactions Analysis
    • Select the Universe of Comparable Acquisitions
    • Locate the Necessary Deal-Related and Financial Information
    • Spread Key Statistics, Ratios, and Transaction Multiples
    • Benchmark the Comparable Acquisitions
    • Determine Valuation using Comparable Acquisitions
    • Normalization of EBIT, EBITDA and Net Income
    • Interpreting Results

    Introduction to Project Finance

    • Introduction to Project Finance
    • Sources and Uses of Funds
    • IRR, Modified IRR, NPV, Profitability Index and Discounted Payback Period
    • Case Discussion on Project Finance

    Company Profile and Pitchbook

    • Use of Financial Models in Pitchbook
    • Flow of M&A / Restructuring Transaction
    • Introduction to company profile – best practices to follow
    • Discussion on live case

    Capstone Project

    • Post Classroom Sessions, candidates are asked to complete an integrated project covering all the training aspects of program. The project helps candidates get the hold of the concepts and make them aware about best practices.

    Soft Skills Training and CV Building

    • Do’s and Don’ts of Interviews Process
    • CV Edits and LinkedIn Profile Building

    Financial Modeling & Valuation - Course Fees

    Classroom / Live Online Self-Paced
    INR 35000 INR 25000
    Classroom / Live Zoom Yes
    Class Recordings Yes Yes
    Detailed Study Material Yes Yes
    Case Studies Yes Yes
    Capstone Project Yes Yes
    App Access (Android) Yes Yes
    100% Placement Support Yes Yes
    CV & Interview Prep Yes Yes
    Live Doubts Sessions Yes
    Whatsapp Group Yes
    Email Support Yes

    Success Stories

    Students Speak

    Rsz Img Avatar

    Jay Veer

    Google Reviews
    "CFI Education is a Good coaching institute for CFA Exam preparation. I passed two levels of the Cfa exam in consecutive attempts and giving level 3 in 2019. I will suggest joining CFI Education Institute if you want to prepare for the CFA Exam."
    Rsz Img Avatar

    Pankaj Gupta

    Google Reviews
    "Great guidance and explanation of concepts that make it very easy to understand difficult topics. Have done CFA Level 2 and 3 coachings from CFI Education & cleared both levels in the first attempt. Highly recommended for CFA coaching."
    Rsz Img Avatar

    Amit Rajpal

    Google Reviews
    "The examples/case studies used to explain the concepts was extremely relevant. Highly recommended to those looking for Financial Modelling, Investment Banking and CFA Prep Classes."
    Akshay Goel

    Akshay Goyal

    Google Reviews
    "I had a great learning experience with CFI Education that enabled me to get through CFA Level 1 exam. The institute provides highly qualified faculties for teaching different sections of the curriculum. Nice teaching methodology adopted."
    Chems Arora

    Chems Arora

    Google Reviews
    "Very effective faculty for Financial modeling and prep for CFA level 1. Helped me in clearing both and helped me landing into relevant job... Owner is pretty experienced and humble guy, keeps you motivated for career plan."
    Venus Saini

    Venus Saini

    Google Reviews
    "CFI Education is a great institute for you to learn financial modelling and valuation. The teachers are very cooperative and clear all doubts,even after completing the course Sandeep Sir always helps with the doubts. Placement Assistant is also very good. It's highly recommend if one wants to learn and want placement assistance also."
    Shalu Kaushik

    Shalu Kaushik

    Google Reviews
    "CFI institute is a good place to learn financial modeling, all the teachers are very supportive and helpful. Teachers give attention to each and every student in the class. Even after class teachers are ready to clear doubts. Placement support is excellent here, special thanks to Sandeep sir for all his guidance and support."
    Rsz Img Avatar

    Shayak Upadhyay

    Google Reviews
    "Great going CFI. Fantastic course and great teachers. Thanks Sandip to you and your team. The course is excellent and extremely useful! keep it up!"
    Rsz Img Avatar

    Ashok Garg

    Google Reviews
    "My daughter, Nain, took a number of classes with Sandeep. She found him to extremely helpful, accessible and knowledgeable. I don't generally write reviews but I think on this occasion, it is essential to recognize an instructor who selflessly found extra time in their busy day to help support a student. My deep appreciation for Sandeep and the Institute for hiring such talented and capable faculty."
    Swati Gupta

    Swati Gupta

    Google Reviews
    "I would recommend CFI to every aspirants who is looking to get trained in finacial modelling and valuation. They have the best faculty. After completion of training they'll placed you with the best organization as well. I have made the bestest decision 😃"
    Rsz Img Avatar

    Akash Rawat

    Google Reviews
    "CFI Institute is one of the finest institutes to get the basics right in financial modeling and valuation. The program integrates a good mix of advanced excel, financial accounting, and valuation methodology. All the topics like the Three-statement model, DCF valuation, Trading comps, and Transaction comps are very well covered. This curriculum is certainly a "Yes" for all the new joiners who are striving for their place in the financial modeling and investment banking area. Faculty act as a mentor who will advise Do's and Don'ts at each step starting from the program to the Interview process."
    Pooja Jindal

    Pooja Jindal

    Google Reviews
    "Highly recommended to those looking for Financial Modelling and valuation course .Student support and placement assistance is a plus . Faculty is responsive to the queries.The examples / case studies used to explain the concepts was extremely relevant.Even after finishing the course I have access to the institute for career help, interviews etc."
    Priyanka Behl

    Priyanka Behl

    Google Reviews
    "Faculty is very informative and helpful. With the help of their guidance I cleared interview for investment banking profile. Totally recommended to joiners."
    Rsz Img Avatar

    Anuraag Roy

    Google Reviews
    "Go for it. Being a person who's miles away from any financial topic, it really made a difference. The faculties were super supportive, and as I needed a bit more guide than other do, it was perfect. They even conducted multiple doubt sessions. And before each class, we had a review for 30 minutes, and then we'd go with new topics. So, being a person from Engineering background who just wanted to explore the finance- it never hurts to learn something new, I'd recommended the CFI team 100%."


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