Data Analysis Using MS Excel

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    Course Description

    MS Excel application is an extremely popular & powerful tool that possesses the ability to rapidly develop professional-looking workbooks and dynamic reports to efficiently summarize and represent finance and non-finance data.
    Data Analysis using Excel course offers an immersive training of MS Excel application and makes candidates ready to perform most used data analysis in MNCs, investment banks, offshore research firms and other finance related MNCs.
    Some of the areas include excel shortcuts, sorting, filtering, conditional formatting, paste special, pivot table. It covers a wide variety of functions, creation and formatting of charts which can be used in PowerPoints.
    This program also covers dynamic dashboards, solver, goal seek, sensitivity analysis, workbook protection, validation, grouping and much more. Have a look at our day wise content for more details:


    • Keyboard Accelerators and Shortcuts
    • Create and Customize the Excel List
    • Data entry with AutoFill Feature
    • Working with Advance Cut, Copy, Paste Command
    • Use of Find and Replace
    • Using Paste Special
    • Sorting and Filtering
    • Advanced Formatting
    • Mathematical Functions
    • Text Functions
    • Statistical Functions
    • Date & Time Functions
    • Array Functions
    • Reference and Lookup Functions
    • Financial Function
    • Pivot Table and Pivot Chart Reports
    • Dashboard and Excel Macros Introduction
    • Keyboard shortcuts
    • Paste Special
    • Dashboard and Excel Macros Introduction
    • Functions (Mathematical, Text, Stats, Date and Time, Transpose, Sum product)
    • Sum, Product, Power, SQRT, ABS, Lower, Upper, Text, Search, Len, Replace, Left, Right, Count, Min, Max, Average, CountA, AverageA, Today, Now, EOMonth, Transpose, Sumproduct, etc
    • Stats Functions (SumIF, CountIF, SumIFs, CountIFs, AverageIF etc)
    • Informative Functions (Isblank, Isnumber, Istext, Iserr)
    • Database Fundtions (Dsum, Daverage, Dcount, Dmin)
    • Logical Functions (If, Iferror, And, Or, Ture, False)
    • Look and Ref Functions (Vlookup, Hlookup, Indirect, Index Match, etc)
    • Various examples of Index / Match
    • Financial (PV, FV, NPV, PMT)
    • Grouping / Ungrouping
    • Creating Drop Down List
    • Conditional Formatting
    • Data Validation
    • What if Analysis (Goal Seek, Scenario, Data Table)
    • Creating Pivot Table and Charts Reports
    • Column, Stacked Column, and Bar Charts
    • Line Chart, Pie chart, Waterfall Charts
    • Design Simple Dashboard using Charts Graphs
    • Link charts with Presentations
    • Introduction to VBA / Macros
    • Macro Recording, Running, Setup

    How It Works


    Starts with personalized classroom training (100+ Hrs) with doubt


    Focus on making own study notes, taking topic tests and revise difficult topics.


    Taking a lot of topic tests and mock exams with grading and discussion


    Month wise study planner to ensure excellent


    Tips and tricks on how to cover the concepts, time management,
    calculator usage.

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    Data Analysis using MS Excel - Course Fees

    Classroom / Live OnlineSelf-Paced
    INR 10000INR 3999
    Classroom / Live ZoomYes
    Class RecordingYesYes
    Assignment FilesYesYes
    App Access (Android)YesYes
    Live Doubts SessionsYes
    WhatsApp GroupYes
    Email SupportYes

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