CFI Consulting

Provides research, analytics & consulting services & supports in making smart business decisions.

About CFI Consulting

CFI Consulting provides research, analytics & consulting services and helps businesses in making smart investment decisions.

Our team includes consultants with more than a decade of experience in financial services including investment banking, project finance, building and updating financial models, profitability enhancement, and business optimization.

We will work with your team to deliver practical, implementable results that help you and your organization succeed.

Key Offerings

Research & Analytics Services

Provides research-based services including company research, industry research, company screening, transactions screening, M&A and IPO analysis, earning notes, and analysis, among others

Financial Analysis & Modeling

Helps in preparing detailed dynamic models including operating models, revenue models, project finance modeling, performance models, and benchmarking models for analysis

Valuation Services

Provides a full suite of valuation services to include DCF valuation, SoTP, Relative valuation, Dividend Discount Models

Consulting Services

Provides wide variety of financial consulting and support services including related to Investment banking and M&A.

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