Cracking the Code: Understanding Accrued Revenue in Simple Terms


In the world of financial management, “Accrued Revenue” emerges as a crucial concept, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of a company’s financial health. This article tries to demystify accrued revenue, delving into its definition, importance, and application through an example. For those navigating the landscape of finance, the Corporate Finance Institute (CFI) serves as an invaluable resource, offering structured learning in finance, including concepts like accrued revenue.

Definition of Accrued Revenue:

Accrued revenue refers to income that a company has earned but has not yet received payment for. It typically arises when services are rendered or goods are delivered, but the payment is yet to be received. Accrued revenue is a crucial component in recognizing a company’s financial performance accurately.

Components of Accrued Revenue:

Breaking down accrued revenue:

Service/Goods Delivered: The company provides a service or delivers goods to the customer.

Recognition of Revenue: The company recognizes the revenue immediately, even if the payment is delayed.

Uncollected Amounts: The amount to be received is recorded as accrued revenue until the actual payment is received.

  1. Numerical Example – Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL):

Consider Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL), a prominent Indian company. If HUL provides marketing consultancy services worth ₹500,000 to a client in December, but the payment terms stipulate that the client will settle the invoice in January, the entry might look like this:

Service Delivered: ₹500,000

Recognition of Revenue: ₹500,000

Uncollected Amounts (Accrued Revenue): ₹500,000

This example showcases how accrued revenue is recorded when the revenue is earned, even though the payment is yet to be received.


In conclusion, understanding accrued revenue is pivotal for financial analysts and professionals as it provides a more accurate representation of a company’s financial standing. As you embark on your journey in finance, the Corporate Finance Institute (CFI) stands as a reliable platform for learning and mastering complex financial concepts, ensuring a solid foundation for future financial success.


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