5 Companies That Hire Investment Bankers in India

companies that hire investment bankers
Investment banking is a dynamic industry with many stable learning and earning opportunities. Every year, companies globally hire thousands of candidates in the field of investment banking and related designations. With companies like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs actively looking for investment banking professionals every year, it’s no surprise that the salaries of investment bankers range anywhere from 10 to 50 Lacs.  Investment banking introduces you to specialized financial management knowledge that opens endless opportunities for you in your career.

Your future in Investment banking

Over the years, the demand for investment banking is only increasing – not to mention the number of candidates that wish to pursue this field is also growing.

With high demand and better income potential, investment banking also is a high-risk yet high-paying job. Once you make it, you will be able to step into stable careers with your perseverance.

In this list, we have shared some of the top companies that hire investment bankers across India.

Let’s get started.

5 companies that hire investment bankers in India

1. Axis Capital Limited

Location – Mumbai

Founded in 2005, Axis Capital Ltd is one of the leading providers of equity capital markets in India.

Branched into institutions like Axis Bank, this firm deals with businesses in capital markets, structured finance, and more. 

Axis Capital Limited, over the years, has solidified its position in India and other countries as well. Being on top of the investment banking market, Axis Capital Limited is one of the best places for you to build a career as an investment banker.

How to apply – Axis Capital Limited has its own Careers page that allows you to understand their job requirements and opening from time to time. You can also visit their LinkedIn page to stay up to date with the latest job opportunities from them.

2. JP Morgan Chase

Location – Mumbai

Being a leading provider of financial services around the world, JP Morgan Chase has its operations worldwide – not to mention India as well.

The company is valued at more than $3 trillion and is a leading financial service provider for individuals and small businesses. 

Joining JP Morgan is a huge deal as the company has its foothold in practically every country of the world. This is also one of the most popular companies in India that offer lucrative career opportunities to investment bankers and finance professionals.

If you’re appointed at JP Morgan, you can expect rapid growth in your career as the workplace is great and the team you’re going to work with consists of some of the top professionals from the country.

How to apply – You can visit the Careers page on the JP Morgan website to stay up to date about any potential employment opportunities.

3. IDBI Capital

Location – Mumbai

Established in 1993, IDBI Capital is an investment banking company that offers a variety of services in domains such as private wealth management, capital markets and management, institutional broking, and more.

With an average of 4 out of 5 stars on Glassdoor, pursuing a career as an investment banker makes a lot of sense as the ecosystem is reviewed to be highly professional and promising.

As part of your designation as an investment banker, you’ll be responsible for analyzing financial data and managing clients from different parts of the country.

At IDBI Capital, you can expect great stability, career-wise growth, and a handsome package as you move up the ladder in your career.

How to apply – IDBI Capital opens up its positions for Investment Bankers from time to time. You can stay updated with their career page to find the latest job openings and apply as soon as the position opens up.

4. JM Financial

Location – Mumbai

JM Financial is one of the most reputed investment banking companies across India.

Founded in 1998, the company offers a wide range of financial solutions that include:

  • Credit brokerage services
  • Asset management
  • Private equity services for businesses, and more.

The company has diversified its services along with all types of financial services.

With such developments, your role as an investment banker at JM Financial is going to give your career a headstart.

Your role at JM Financial will also include participation in:

  • Capital financing through debt and equity markets
  • Fundraising for projects and companies
  • Provide insightful resources on capital raising, etc.

How to apply – You can stay up to date with JM Financial’s job openings from their LinkedIn page.

5. ICICI Securities Limited

Location – Mumbai

A job at ICICI securities limited requires you to have a degree in finance or economics. 

However, more than that, qualities like hard work and a real passion for finance can also come in very handy while applying.

As an investment banker at ICICI Securities Limited, your roles and responsibilities will include:

  • Analyzing companies and creating financial models
  • Working with clients in making financial decisions
  • Help companies raise money through equity funding

Due to the multiple types of job designations, you can join as an associate and work your way up the ladder to becoming a senior investment banker.

ICICI Securities Limited has diversified a lot throughout India over the years. Pursuing a career here not only will be rewarding but also bring the stability your career needs.

How to apply – You can apply at ICICI Securities Limited by browsing their careers page and finding relevant opportunities for yourself.


Even though working as an investment banker isn’t for everyone, if you make it, the options for you are endless.

There are plenty of great companies for you out there to apply to and build a rewarding career.

However, to solidify your hold in the field, you’d also require to work on your skills and knowledge from time to time. A certification in Investment Banking is going to help you along the way.

At CFI Education, we have a series of training programs for you to build your knowledge in finance and banking. Check them out!


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