How to Become an Investment Banker After Law School?

How to Become an Investment Banker After Law School

Are you exploring a new direction in your career? Do you want to transcend your career from law to finance? If yes, then unlock new opportunities and prospects with CFI Institute. We specialize in guiding professionals for a seamless career transition. 


We provide accredited online courses, in-demand certifications, and productivity-boosting tools and resources to our students so that they can upskill themselves and drive their careers in Banking and Finance.


But Can Lawyers Become Good Investment Bankers?

The answer to this question is a definite yes. Yes, Lawyers can become good Investment Bankers. Over the past, few years, an increasing number of lawyers have been drawn into the world of investment banking as it has an analytical and systematic approach unlike law which has a very structured approach.

The Corporate Finance Institute has been training several students to convert their dreams into a living reality. This means actively participating in negotiations, influencing decision-making, and contributing to strategic business planning alongside top-level executives like CFOs and CEOs.

The allure of lucrative benefits in investment banking might tempt some. To pursue it immediately after law school, it’s essential to note that most banks prefer candidates with transactional experience. This is by who can demonstrate how their legal knowledge and expertise are relevant to the investment banking industry. CFI Institute provides the best investment banking course for legal professionals to learn the know-how of investment banking.

4 Ways to Get into Investment Banking

Participate in Analyst Programs

Major investment banks like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, and Credit Suisse run Analyst Programs. These programs provide opportunities for aspiring candidates to join as Analysts. Being a part of such a program can demonstrate your interest in investment banking to potential employers. 

Approach the Right Personnel

To increase your chances of being noticed, it’s often effective to reach out directly to influential individuals within investment banks. Corporate Finance Institute helps you in achieving several placements offers using our advanced techniques. When crafting your job application, make sure to emphasize key points in your cover letter or email to grab the attention of employee. Consider contacting the higher authorities like the Vice President and HR, as they greatly influence the hiring process.  

Build Connections

Networking is a crucial aspect of breaking into the field. Cultivate connections with investment bankers or professionals in the corporate world. These connections can open doors to promising job opportunities in investment banking.

Apart from providing good job opportunities, they also provide career counseling and guidance.

Pursue an Investment Banking Course

Consider enrolling yourself in an investment banking courseCFI Institute provides you with the best investment banking course. Our program covers the fundamentals of investment banking and guides candidates from ground zero to securing a high-profile position in the financial industry.


Transitioning directly from law school to investment banking is rare. However, few law students make this move. Instead, it’s more common to work at a law firm for a few years. It is preferably in areas relevant to investment banking such as M&A, securities, or restructuring. This transition isn’t easy but is relatively easier compared to shifting from other fields to an Associate-level role in investment banking. Here, CFI Institute is of great help. Our CIBR program will help you


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