Written By Team CFI

When you see CEOs and heads of banks, stock broking firm, companies, investment banks, etc. share their view on TV and in press, on future prospects, who do you think helps them with those numbers and forecasts?

When the news channels, papers, business magazines, broker reports, etc. cover a particular company or sector, who helps them draw those conclusions made of charts and ratios?

There is a fund manager or portfolio manager in investment firms, asset management companies and mutual funds – the face of the fund. Who helps him with the selection of the stocks and asset allocation analysis?

In the finance industry, there is always a need for the ‘equity analyst’ or ‘equity researcher’. So how do you get into this Equity Research Role?

Have the skills (and certifications)

Obtain a degree. No finance job is available for non-graduates. That being so, a basic bachelor’s degree is essential to land up in any financial position.

The starting point to any Equity Research role is of an ‘Associate’, an entry level research associate. In this equity research profile, the Associate, collaboratively with other fellow research associates, works for a senior equity analyst. Under his guidance, the Associates create Financial Models and perform research.

Often graduation is more of theory. Having some practical knowledge puts an extra star to get you hired. And this can be done by taking special training courses in Financial Modelling, Financial Research, etc. Getting job as a stock trading broker is also easy and help you get more knowledge about the markets.

Work with a broker + Attend training courses = Practical knowledge

Have samples of your work

An add-on to your resume. The interviewer for the Equity Research role should know that you can do it. And for that start practicing now. Create samples of research reports and take them along for your interview.

You can also update these sample work online on your blog or social media platforms.

Financial modeling

Your seniors will be spending more time on writing reports and recommendations. And you will be required to create Financial Models. So better learn and go. Before you get promoted further, you will be working on Financial Models a few years in the beginning.

We offer three of the prime courses that can lead you to Equity Research profile.


Career in finance if full of reading, reading and reading. So first, habituate yourself to reading. This will help building your conceptual and creative skills. The recruiter may not get hold of your these skills at once. But are necessary for overall progress in equity research.

Read investment books, financial research reports, read merger and acquisition cases, economic data, etc. – everything that will expand your intellect.

Update your opinion and review on what you read and learnt, again, on your social media profiles or blog.

There are many other skills, like being good with numbers, being patient, ability to work for long hours, etc. that matter. Most of these add intangible value to you. However, these are necessary and you have to find ways to show them to your prospective employer.

Where can you look out for work in Equity Research:

  • Advisory firms
  • Research companies
  • Investment banks
  • Stock broker
  • Asset management firms