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BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) and B.com (Bachelor of Commerce) are the most common career options among commerce and Finance students. Most students opt for these courses after completion of their schooling. But the question is, what Career Opportunities are there after BBA and B.com? Will they offer the students a steady job with a good salary?

BBA is a three-year degree graduate program and includes subjects like marketing, economics, HR management, finance, etc. It gives education on business-centric concepts and makes students eligible for a business-oriented job like marketing, sales, and more. There are numerous Job Opportunities after BBA in Finance, which primarily relate to business management, including manufacturing, operations, finance, banking, and information technology.

In B.com, students learn about subjects, such as financial accounting, auditing, economics, company law, management accounting, among others. The type of Career Opportunities for B.com Students are accounting, finance, operations, relationship manager, among others

But one of the primary disadvantages of these two courses is that you mostly end up getting low-income job profiles unless you hold your graduation degree from a reputed college or university that offers strong placements. The scope of getting jobs immediately after B.Com and BBA is less, and even if you get one, it involves things that aren’t aligned to your professional goals. Hence, if you want to raise your career profile and get the right kind of roles for yourself, you have to pursue other professional courses that elevate your skillset and help you get jobs with high Salaries after B.com. 

What are the Best Career Options after BBA and B.com for a finance student?

In this segment, we will check out various career options and different types Of Jobs for B.com Graduates and BBA students what students must do to get there.

  • Financial Modeling & Investment Banking

Financial modeling & valuation is a process of creating excel based models using the raw financial statements of a company. In other words, it is the numerical representation of the company operations in the forecasted future, present, and past. A financial analyst is one of the best Careers to pursue after BCom Students. The analyst can anticipate and explain an event’s impact on the company stock from various internal factors like strategy change or business models to external factors like the change in the economic regulation or policy. You can take the help of an organization like ours, CFI Education, to enroll in a professional financial modeling course and get ahead in your career.

  • CFA

If you want to have the best Job Opportunities after BBA in India from the top finance organizations, CFA should be your priority. However, most companies prefer students who have successfully cleared at least 1-2 levels of the CFA exam for the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. The certification of CFA is a solid credential for many investments research and investment banking jobs. The CFA exam requires outstanding expertise in various topics and a tremendous amount of commitment from the students. If you are wondering about what is the Best Course after B.com for Getting a Good Job, then CFA should definitely be on the top of the list for you. You can also visit our page here and enquire us for more information on this!

  • MBA 

Masters of Business Administration is one of the most desirable alternatives for students who want to accomplish a postgraduate degree. You can specialize in different aspects of business and become a specialist in that specific field. There is a high demand and career opportunities in reputed MNCs for the MBA. However, given the overall competitiveness in this space, getting into a reputed B-School is not easy & will also burn a significant hole in one’s pocket.

  • Post-Graduation in Banking

For those thinking about Career Options after BBA, except for MBA, they can explore a post-graduation in Banking. In this course, the students get managerial and technical knowledge on finance and banking. After the course completion, the students can get good jobs both, in public and in private sector banks.

  • Chartered Accountant

You can also pursue a professional course like CA after completing your 12th. CA is a person who is an expert in accounting, taxation law, adulating, and financing. It is one of the reputed jobs with huge responsibilities and massive money potential. However, the road is a long one and due to smaller clearing rates in these exams, students can sometimes end up spending over 6 years in their education before they can become a CA.


We hope we have helped you get answers to some of these questions like What Kind Of Jobs Are Available after BBA & Is BBA A Good Career Option? Well, these are the top 5 career opportunities one can pursue after B.com or BBA. However, out of these, Investment banking and Financial Modeling, and CFA should be your preference, as they offer you a solid ROI and high salaried jobs upon completion. At CFI education, we provide students with help in navigating through these professional courses. So give us a ring and start the prep today!